Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Man lost his origin or rather man one time found himself in a situation of a person struck with amnesia. He couldn’t tell who he was and were he came from. Man by nature is a survivor. Religion says he sinned and lost the mind of all knowingness etc etc. So man was in a void and needed to survive. He was in a state of terror, imbalance and if he did not find a way to sooth his troubled soul he was going to break down. he began to sort out divers inventions like Religion, science, philosophy etc etc. just to fool his soul into believing that its safe and understands its surrounding. Man attained a level were he was able to capture his and other peoples souls into believing in his so called discoveries of his planet and the universe at large. we are a product of long, (infinite), time man's discoveries. we are born in this human world with its accumulated knowledge which the soul with time has come to believe to be true. religion has brought in the ideals of Gods, science the ideals of probability and experiments to prove what is... philosophy brought in the so called wisdom etc. All these called facts have there believers and unbelievers. infact all these divers ways of man trying to know himself and the environment he lives in have divided theories in themselves which makes a positive thinker not to believe in any. the more man amasses his so called knowledge of the universe and knowledge of who man is the more distractive he becomes. infact when you take to understand mans knowledge in depth the more sorrow you attract to your self. most of the time people who live happily on this planet are those with free souls, people who don’t know much and they are content in there state of not knowing and people who have believed a lie, brain washed people. what man calls truth is what he is content with at a particular time. When you get to know so much you will become a troubled soul and enter into self destruction unless you whap through this situation to a level were you become unknowing again. in short man doesn’t know anything. what we know and say is the truth including science, religion, Philosophy etc is what we have accepted at this time. I.e. even the colour red is not really red. It became red because people agreed to call it red...